"Artist and designer Pete Fecteau spent the better part of 2010 creating a mosaic of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. using 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes. The mosaic measures 18’6″ by 9’8″ and weighs approximately 1,000 pounds. This was Fecteau’s first attempt at using Rubik’s Cubes as artistic medium. The concept for “Dream Big” came to Fecteau in a dream.”

 “I woke up from the dream and it was like I was on fire. I spend three hours that morning writing down the concept and brainstorming. When I stepped back I realized how bat-s*** crazy it was but there was something pushing me to make it a reality. Sometimes I don’t think I woke up from that dream. It still seems crazy.”

Photos by Tori Jo and Paul L. Newby II

[via Design You Trust]

Have you ever played with a Rubik’s Cube? Consider the patience and concentration it must have taken to assemble 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes into a mosaic. That’s pretty freaking awesome!