Check out Steven E. Schubert's awesome steel wool photography! 

Living in Indianapolis, Indiana, Shubert says that he has “an ample supply of abandoned industrial spaces” which inspired him “to find an art form that is adapted to this context.”

When asked how these shots were done, Shubert even gave us an inside look at his process:

"The technique is really low tech, I take steel wool, must be a 0 to 0000 grade fineness, and load it into a suet cage. This is a cage used to hold bird food or fat mixture, you can buy at any hardware store," he says. "This is attached to a steel cable at about arm’s length. The wool can be ignited by touching a 9-volt battery to it. Once it’s lit, start spinning and have someone press the shutter release. The shots were taken on a Lumix GF1; kit zoom lens, 6-8 second exposures at f/5-6. A tripod is a must, as is a helper!"

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