They look like huge insects that feed on wind to move along deserted Dutch beaches, but in reality these creatures are the result of more than twenty years of work by the engineer and kinetic artist Theo Jansen. These are the Strandbeest - Literally animals from the beach - they consist of intricate networks of sticks, bottles, and plastic canvas. They move when the wind blows and they move with an awesome life of their own.

Born of Jansen’s ingenuity in 1990, the self-propelling Strandbeest have been evolving ever since. Balancing somewhere between the worlds of art and engineering, the Strandbeesten are waiting to be released onto the sand, to dominate the windy beaches of the planet. What a thrill it would be to encounter one of them in person.

Photos by Loek van der Klis

Visit both Designaside and the Strandbeest website to view more images and video of these awesome creations and learn about how they work.