Have you ever played with a Spirograph? You know, the little plastic gears that enable you to draw all sorts of cool geometric patterns until you work yourself up into such a creative frenzy that your eyes glaze over, you wear holes in the paper, gears and drawing materials start flying all over the place and your pets run for cover…er, maybe that was just us.

Anyway! We ask because it might help you appreciate an art project we recently discovered that was created by an artist who did something that we always think is awesome. She took an object designed for a very specific purpose and successfully altered it to do something wildly different and a whole lot of fun.

In this case the artist is Rosemarie Fiore. While some people go to amusement parks to ride thrilling rides and eat ridiculous fried foods, Rosemarie apparently went to one and was inspired turn one of those rides into a giant instrument for creating works of art. 

connected a gas generator and air compressor to buckets of paint and secured them into the seats of a Scrambler amusement park ride. Once the ride was in motion, paint sprayed out of the benches onto vinyl tarps placed underneath. The result is a series of enormous hypocycloid designs which recorded the hidden patterns created by the ride as it turned.” 

That’s right, for the project, created in 2004 and titled "Good-Time Mix Machine: Scrambler Drawings", she basically turned a carnival ride into an enormous spirograph. The very concept makes us smile. 

[via Sweet Station]