We’re big fans of meat and our friend and coworker Fuzz (wearing our Creepy Pig Mask) is a particularly big fan of Spam, so when we discovered that Morgan of Morgans Menu took a successful whack at making homemade Spam from scratch using pork, duck, and chicken meat, we were tickled pink. Morgan, a Hawaiian native, says:

I can’t even tell you how exciting it felt to see the process working. I was beside myself when I saw that it looked, smelled and tasted like real SPAM, but I had the satisfaction on knowing exactly what went into it (nothing scary!). I kept saying “It’s working! It’s WORKING!”. Now Neil and I can work on perfecting and developing an actual recipe and serving it up to you!

Be sure to visit Morgan’s website to read about her delicious experiment. We’re hoping Fuzz will try making some of his own spam. Maybe some of you will too!

[via Craftzine]