These four paintings are part of an exhibit of new work by California-based artist Roland Tamayo. The solo show at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, CA, entitled Where The Heart Is, opens on Saturday, October 20th and runs through Saturday, November 10th.

Here’s a statement from Roland Tamayo about this show:

"It came natural to create a show with my twin boys in mind. Something fun and positive that they could hopefully get something out of. Obviously they have been the biggest influence in my life lately, and the pieces reflect little messages for them, which hopefully many can relate to while using things close to my heart. I’m playing with images from my hometown, sea creatures, and nostalgic thoughts and pop culture for me that my children are starting to enjoy as well. I hope you can make it, and please share this with anyone you think might be interested!"

Who doesn’t love an astronaut manatee or polaroid camera crab? If R2-D2 sleeps, he probably dreams of being a jellyfish, bobbing and floating through turquoise waters. And if giant robots ever come after us, we should remember to try placating them with bowls of goldfish friends. Yep, it’s all pretty awesome.

[via Laughing Squid]

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