Look closely at the top and bottom photos and you might think you’re looking at a digitally altered scene, but you aren’t. Those aren’t ants, they’re real people on a real mountain and no Photoshop skillz or time-lapse photography were involved in putting them on that dramatic peak.

You’re looking at an awesome image of 28 individual climbers holding symmetrical poses while scaling a near-vertical mountain in the Italian Alps. Located 3,000ft above sea level on the border between Italy and Switzerland and known both as ‘Ago del Torrone’ and ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, it took five hours of climbing and preparation in freezing temperatures for the team to achieve this incredible shot.

The dramatic photo was taken by Swiss photographer Robert Bösch for Mammut, a Swiss extreme sports company:

Robert Bösch
, 58, said: ‘It took several months of organisation and I am really happy with the results. It took five hours to climb and required plenty of preparation. There was a lot of pressure but luckily I was working with very good guides and that was the key. The resulting image is exactly what we wanted. It can be seen that it is individual people on natural rocks. This picture is real and alive.’

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Source Daily Mail