This cute little critter is Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel. Sneezy has been befriended by Mary Krupa, a freshman at Penn State. Mary clearly loves animals and appears to be pretty well-liked by those animals in return. Thanks to her backpack full of tasty peanuts and kindly disposition, not only has Mary made friends with some of the campus squirrels, she’s also convinced them to wear tiny hats that she makes just for them. How awesome is that? If only she could convince them to put on some underpants as well…

Visit the Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel Facebook Page to view more photos of squirrel modeling Mary’s adorable miniature hats. With winter on the way, maybe next she’ll introduce them to the delights of a tiny cup of hot cocoa

Photos by Maggie McGlinchy

[via Neatorama]