Benjamin Winter, self-confessed fan of all things Archie McPhee and all-around awesome individual, sent us these photos of a fantastic project that he recently completed: he designed and built a sweet set of Super Mario Bros. cornhole boards

Along with some help from his awesome parents, the project took Benjamin about three weeks to complete. After construction he projected and traced the designs of leaping Mario and Luigi, a naughty goomba, and their Mushroom Kingdom surroundings onto the two boards. The resulting images were then hand-painted and they look great.

Of course, you can’t have a cornhole came without the beanbags. Benjamin made red and yellow bags - red for mushrooms and yellow for gold coins. When thrown through the holes in the board, the bags look like objects emerging from the mystery boxes as Mario and Luigi bump them with their heads. We’d probably do our best to mimic the sounds of the video game while trying to chuck beanbags through the holes. 

Thanks for sharing your awesome project with us Benjamin. The Geyser of Awesome salutes you!

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