Because sometimes awesomeness is found in the simplest things, we’d like to share these delightful photos of adorable Amur Tiger cubs happily playing with bubbles at the Minnesota Zoo.

Amur Tigers are among the rarest of wild cats, with only about 350 individuals remaining in the wilds of eastern Russia. Cubs born in zoos are especially significant to the genetic health of the captive population, hence the intense efforts undertaken by the Minnesota Zoo and the Saint Louis Zoo to hand rear these two cubs.”

The zoo uses the bubbles as enrichment tools: 

 ”Enrichment is a term that applies to novel items introduced to mentally and physically stimulate animals.  Enrichment can include unusual food items, often hidden so animals have to employ time and energy to locate them; toys such as boxes or tree branches; scents like spices and perfumes to stimulate olfactory senses; intensive behavioral training and interaction with zoo keepers; or unexpected items like the bubble machine.”

Photos via the Minnesota Zoo.

[via ZooBorns]