Meet Kidogo, a 12-year-old silverback gorilla brought to the Krefeld Zoo in Krefeld, Germany last April to serve as a male companion to two female gorillas, Muna and Oya, in hopes that they will eventually create some little infant gorillas. It turns out that Kidogo is interested in more than just hanging out with the ladies. He’s also got a serious knack for tightrope walking.

"He is unbelievably athletic and acrobatic," says Petra Schwinn, director of public relations at the zoo in western Germany. "He is still young and playful. He really demonstrates a strong degree of joie de vivre.”

Head over to Der Spiegel to view the complete photo gallery of King Kodo, as he has come to be known, doing what he does best: being awesome.

Photo by Magnus Neuhaus/Zoo Krefeld

[via Neatorama]