For two different series entitled Égarements and Quotidien, French photographer Cerise Doucède painstakingly created elaborate, dreamy scenes in which the subjects are surrounded by inanimate objects that appear to have taken on lives of their own. 

Each image in her collection is more exciting and unexpected than the next. The portraits feature serious, contemplative subjects who look sad and disconnected from their physical environments, but who appear pleasantly lost in exciting and extraordinary daydreams that provide momentary escape from the otherwise boring reality of present life.

It takes three days to attach the objects to string and to set up one scene. When speaking about her work, Doucede says, “I look for the decisive moment when the person in the photo starts to think about something else. And, at a particular moment, the dream takes over and then the whole décor surrounding the person comes to life.” Doucede’s work is a confusing blur between fact and fantasy, and she purposefully leaves the thin string visible in the photographs because she says, “Otherwise it’s just a fictional or fantastical photo and I didn’t want that. I wanted a connection between reality and fiction.”

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