Superheroes aren’t always people donning splendid capes, and wearing undies on the outside of their tights. We think this mighty little ant qualifies too. Teguh Santosa took these photos outside his home in Indonesia as the stubborn insect refused to move out of the way of a marble that was rolling towards it.

"The brilliant little critter refused to be fazed by the giant obstacle which formed a shape like a bubble due to rain. The tiny ant must have thought he was losing his own marbles when - despite his best attempts - the towering ‘bubble’ just wouldn’t burst… Mr Santosa had placed marbles on a wall to try and divert the marching ants towards him - but this one refused to be moved as a marble set off down a slope.”

He’s like a teeny-tiny Indiana Jones who decided to stop running away from the temple boulder and face it down instead. More power to you, Super Ant!