Here at the Geyser of Awesome we’re no stranger to animals wearing sweaters. We’ve seen Shetland Ponies wearing sweaters, cats wearing sweaters, and even an adorable pug wearing an awesome dalek sweater. But this might be the first time we’ve seen a snake wearing a sweater. 

Meet Milky Joe. Milky Joe’s thoughtful human, Stephanie Christine Davidson, didn’t want her cute cold-blooded friend to get cold during the winter, so she commissioned Kacie Kim (aka Unicorn Girl) to knit this awesome pink sweater for him. How sweet is that?

We must say, it looks great on him and now we sort of wish we had a long, full-body sweater we could wriggle into. Visit Stephanie’s blog to watch a video of Milky Joe enjoying his cozy, pink sweater. 

[via Neatorama]