Have you ever seen finer looking peanut people? Artist Steve Casino creates awesome miniature sculptures of iconic celebrities and pop culture characters by painting peanut shells and carefully adding a few limbs and tiny versions of the appropriate accessories for each individual.

"The artist’s chosen medium is both unusual and a laborious material to work with. It is a time-consuming process that Casino undertakes for each peanut sculpture, which actually only utilizes the shell, as the edible seed is extracted early on. The Ohio-based toy inventor has been known to spend up to 10 hours on just one piece. It is no easy task as the artist has to carefully crack the shell, remove the peanut, refortify the husk with glue, and then proceed to sand and paint the exterior. After adding a few limbs and props, he preserves each figurine with a coat of polyurethane."

Steve Casino is currently accepting requests for commissioned work via email. You can follow his work via his personal website or over on Facebook.

[via My Modern Metropolis]