These nifty metal objects com from Moerkey, an Etsy shop run by Michael who handmakes awesome balls, bowls, lamps, and sculptures using materials such as old keys, reclaimed copper pipe, wire, and coins. Michael is a self-taught woodworker who began experimenting with these new materials after rummaging through his shed:

“Not so long ago, when I was supposed to be cleaning out my shed, I came across some old copper pipe saved from a previous renovation. I cut it up into rings and started making it into spheres. The first ones were a bit rough but once I worked out the technique I got creative.

I’m a bit of a hoarder and searched around for all those old keys and copper wire, that were no longer needed, and got creative with them as well. I’ve progressed from making spheres, to footballs and bowls as well as angles and brooches.”

Visit the Moerkey shop to view more of Michael’s unique metal creations.

[via Ego-AlterEgo]