Artist Florian Baron recently contacted us about not one, but two awesome creations, both called the Kaleidoclock. First there was an interactive video installation at the 2012 Ashigara Art Festival in Japan. It used video delay to create mesmerizing kaleidoscopic patterns of the viewers as they stood in front of the device. Click here to watch a short video of the Kaleidoclock in action.

Now there is a Kaleidoclock app for both iPhone and iPad that uses the same principle, only now the user’s phone or tablet is Kaleidoclock, which means you can transform whatever you see into a kaleidoscopic image that can then be downloaded and shared:

KALEIDOCLOCK uses a circular screen that is divided into segments, similar to the face of a clock. The segments are showing footage of a camera facing the viewer. However, only one of them is in real time, and each successive segment has a time delay to the previous one. This setup lets the viewers playfully create infinite styles of visuals through combining - in one image - their present and their recent past.”

Visit the Kaleidoclock website to learn more.

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