You never know where our Creepy Horse Mask is going to pop up next. We’re always working to keep up with the sightings.

Daredevil Russian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov spotted this particularly awesome specimen being worn by an ornamental eagle atop the Kiyevsky railyway station in Moscow.

To get a better sense of where the horse-eagle is on this building: if you look at this photo you’ll see eagles atop the ledge of a tower in the upper righthand corner of the image. Yeah, that’s pretty impressive.

We suspect that Vitaliy (or possibly an equally daring friend) might have played a role in placing the mask on the eagle, but without proof we’re prepared to believe that all of the buildings in Moscow sporting ornamental eagle sculptures are being enhanced with horse masks as a matter of official policy.

Visit Photo Vide and Vitaliy’s blog to check out more of his heartstopping photography, including the rest of this series shot inside and around the Kiyevsky station.

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