These incredibly beautiful flowers are the the painstaking work of a Japanese artist named Sakae. They are a form of Kanzashi:

"a traditional Japanese hair ornament that’s often worn on special occasions and accompanied by a kimono. Although they’ve been around for thousands of years, their popularity peaked in the mid-1800s as they evolved from a simple stick into rather extravagant form. And even though it’s been in decline along with many customary garments and accessories, the tradition is still very much alive and well."

Sakae uses resin to create these incredibly awesome floral kanzashi. Depending upon their complexity, one piece can take between 3 and 30 days to complete.

Her inspiration to create was a common one: “I saw a girl dressed up for coming-of-age day and I thought she would look just perfect with a blue, translucent hair ornament. But nothing of the sort existed. So I decided to make one. Up until that point I had never made anything.”

Sakae selles her creations via Yahoo Auctions in Japan. None are available right this moment, but she has promised to post updates regarding availability on her facebook page.”

Photos by Osamu Yamazaki

[via Spoon & Tamago]