As much as we love a tasty donut (and we really, really do), on April 1st, if someone offers you a donut it might be wise to think twice before taking a bite.

Jill from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons came up with an awesome April Fool’s Day prank in which a complete meatloaf dinner has been convincingly disguised as half a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts. She calls them April Fools Dunkin Phonuts.

The donuts are made of ground turkey meatloaf, covered in mashed potato frosting, and finished with a chopped bell pepper sprinkles. But that’s not all. The deceptive donuts are served up with a piping hot cup of fresh… mushroom gravy.

We’re guessing that these “phonuts” are probably pretty tasty in their own right, but that’s only if  you and your tastebuds know what you’re getting into. But hey, that’s decidedly not what April Fool’s Day is about, right?

Click here for the recipe.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]