Turkish artist Hasan Kale creates awesome micro paintings on a variety of unexpected surfaces such as the delicate wings of butterfies, beetles, and cicadas, strips of pasta, tiny snail shells, seeds, and coffee beans. While Kale’s canvases differ greatly from each other, they all share one thing in common: each is painted with a miniature landscape of the artist’s beloved hometown, the city of Istanbul.

“Kale uses his finger as a palette to blend paints and to create his desired color palettes. With great patience and a well-trained, steady hand, the artist uses a very fine-tipped paint brush to achieve amazing details. Viewers have to look very closely in order to see and to appreciate the landscapes, which blend very naturally into his chosen, and unusual, backgrounds.”

Click here to watch a brief video of Hasan Kale at work, painting a pumpking seed.

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