ShinodaGEself-proclaimed “Brony Graffiti Artist” in Argentina (previously featured here) teamed up with German photographer M99moron to create this awesome Pinkie Pie Portal. Looking through the German side shows a warm beach in Argentina, while looking through the Argentinian side shows a snowy German landscape.

We’ve only met a couple weeks back, when I saw one of ShinodaGE’s rad street paintings featured on EQD. I was really excited to hear about another brony street artist. I contacted him and we got along really well, and after a short while I told him about this idea.

Long story short, we exchanged some photos, photoshopped some images, printed those posters and ta-da! A gateway was created for Pinkie to go trough. Now she could enjoy the warmth of the summer of the southern hemisphere and take a break from the winter of the north.

Fun fact: The posters were pasted and the photos taken on the same day. The pictures in the portals behind pinkie are what one would actually see if the portals were real.”

What an awesome project!

[via Neatorama]