The 30th annual Weifang International Kite Festival recently took place in Weifang city, located in Shandong province in eastern China. Weifang is known as the “kite capital of the world" because it is considered to be the birthplace of kites themselves. "Legend has it that kites were invented in China 2000 years ago and introduced to the West by Marco Polo."

"As an internationalized event of the proud folk tradition, the Weifang International Kite Festival attracts numerous Chinese and foreign kite masters every year. The tantalizing stunts and spectacles of competing kites amuse thousands of visitors, as well as their distinctive models, colors, styles and the particular flying techniques perfected in different countries."

We’re captivated by the incredible variety of awesome kites that were flown at this year’s festival - from teams or horses to an assortment of be-tentacled underwater creatures, monsters, tigers, bears and, of course, the splendid traditional dragons.

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