These beautiful sculptures are part of an ongoing figurative series by Japanese artist Mihoko Ogaki entitled Milky Ways. This awesome fusion of the the beauty and mystery of the night sky with the mortal human form is an exploration of the ideas of life, death, and rebirth.

The fibre-reinforced plastic sculptures depict people either dying or already dead. Their forms have been embedded with bright LEDs that project fields of stars against the walls, floor, and ceiling of a darkened space.

"In a bright room, the dying bodies appear morbid and in pain, but, when the lights go off, the suffering seems to disappear into a delightful, twinkling display. One review states, "Ogaki takes the emotions of our human condition and gives them a physical presence." The sparkling figures create an environment of tranquility, in which viewers are encouraged to calmly, and without distress, contemplate the human condition of life and death."

Visit Mihoko Ogaki’s website for more images of these marvelous installations.

[via My Modern Metropolis and Colossal]