It’s time for another Geyser of Awesome field trip! Let’s all fly to Japan and go play at the Kurihama Flower Park and where we’ll slide down Godzilla’s tail.

Kaiju Slide = Super Awesome

This playground Godzilla is nearly 30 feet tall and weighs 5 tons. All one has to do to ride down the slide is first climb a set of stairs leading right into the monster’s crotch. 

According to Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft:

"The reason why there’s a huge Godzilla at this park in Kanagawa is because in the first Godzilla film, the beast emerged out of the ocean at a nearby beach, known as Kanonzaki. To mark this, there was a Godzilla slide erected at the beach in 1958, which probably inspired other, far less impressive Godzilla slides on Japanese playgrounds throughout the country.

The slide at Kanonzaki fell in to disrepair by the early 1970s. You can, however, still see “Godzilla’s footprint” at the shore. A new, far more impressive version of the slide was built at nearby Kurihama Flower Park in 1999. It still stands today.”

[via Kotaku]