Laird Henderson of Big Trubble Toys created this incredibly awesome figure called the Ghost Pig. Once a pig and then a juicy ham, he’s a porcine phantom rising from between the salty, smoky slices of someone’s dinner toward another plane of existence or perhaps to haunt your pantry.

“You may eat his flesh, but you can’t consume his soul. The pig is released from his corporeal body just before the first bites are taken. He’s now free to explore the spirit world and haunt his tormentors for years to come.”

Beautifully sculpted and then cast in resin, standing 7” tall, and hand-painted with cel-vinyl, the Ghost Pig is being released in a limited edition of 30 pieces and is currently available for purchase here or at the Magic Ponystudio, gallery, and shop in Toronto, Canada.

We can’t help but think that, should he decide to linger on Earth, the Ghost Pig would be great friends with our beloved Slicey the Pig. How could those two not have great adventures together?

[via Spanky Stokes]