The last time we visited with Nick from DudeFoods (previously featured here) he was making a mouthwatering Bacon Weave Quesadilla. Nick and his marvelous woven bacon are back, this time with/as a truly tantalizing Bacon Weave Taco:

“I know that tacos with shells made out of bacon have been done before, but none of the ones I’ve seen looked very appetizing to me. It seems like people sort of took the easy way out when making them and just tossed their bacon over a metal object, made sure the strips overlapped a little so they’d stick together and either baked or deep fried it like that so their shells just end up looking like squares of bacon that have been folded in half. Long story short, most of the bacon taco shells out there just don’t look very taco-shaped.”

Head over to DudeFoods to read about Nick’s quest to create a perfect bacon taco shell, Proving once again that bacon makes everything better.

[via DudeFoods]