London-based designer Sophie de Oliveira Barata creates some of the most jaw-droppingly awesome prosthetics we’ve ever seen.

Sophie comes from an art background, with a first class honours degree at London Arts University where she studied Special Effects prosthetics for film and T.V. She then went on to work for 8 years, as a sculptor making realistic looking, bespoke prosthetics for amputees at one of the leading prosthetic providers. She worked in all areas sculpting fingers, toes, partial feet , partial hands, bespoke liners and leg and arm covers for amputees. In her spare time she made more experimental art work in this medium, before setting up her own studio.

Known as The Alternative Limb Project, Sophie works as a specialist consultant with other prosthetists and produces both artificial limbs that look completely realistic as well as limbs created using imaginative ideas provided by the clients themselves. “She can interpret your ideas and create a unique design that will reflect your interests and personality.”

As you can see here, Sophie’s work is truly astonishing. As well as being completely functional prostheses, these amazing limbs are also unique works of art.

Each of her designs offer a sense of individuality, allowing the customer to express their personality through their synthetic appendages. The artist says, “Having an alternative limb is about claiming control and saying ‘I’m an individual and this reflects who I am.’”

Visit The Alternative Limb Project website to learn more about Sophie’s awesome work and check out more of her creations.

[via My Modern Metropolis]