Behold The Hounds of Geevor. These whimsical dogs are the work of British artist David Kemp, who uses found objects to create his art, “particularly discarded remnants of the mining industry in his area, on the Tinner’s Coast in Cornwall. Twenty years ago, he was alerted about a mountain of old boots that were to be buried, so he salvaged them.”

A friend, working on the maintenance staff at Geevor, watched a mechanical digger burying a pile of redundant miners boots, & gave me a shout, I drove over & filled my pickup with the discarded boots, not knowing what I might do with them. This discarded footwear was to become THE HOUNDS OF GEEVOR.

"Relics of a vast subterranean workforce that rarely saw the light of day, each of these Hounds fed up to three & a half families (seven boots per dog). Released from their underground labours, they now wander the clifftops, looking for a proper job"

David’s awesome rubber hounds proved so popular that he was commissioned to cast them in bronze for downtown Redruth in Cornwall. And he continues to make delightful dogs out of foorwear. Follow David’s blog to see more.

[via Neatorama]