Wesley Klein is a culinary mad scientist with two passions: Bacon and Sweets. (A madman after our own hearts.) Wesley took his two gustatory loves and married them by creating an awesome shop called… wait for it… the Baconery.

Based in New York, the Baconery creates and sells some of the most mouthwatering bacon-centric sweets we’ve ever seen. Decadent rashers of bacon are dipped in various chocolates and generously covered with nuts, colourful sprinkles, more bacon, or even 24k edible gold flakes. Then, beyond the strips of bacon themselves, there are all the bacon-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, pretzels, and caramels. And, lest your dog(s) feel left out, they even make Pig-Shaped Bacon Dog Biscuits.

Don’t worry if you can’t head off to New York right away. The Baconery webstore is open 24 hours a day.

[via Design Taxi]