Back in 1982 Werner Herzog, perhaps one of the most awesome figures in German cinema, wrote and directed an amazing film entitled Fitzcarraldo. It’s the crazy story of a would-be rubber baron and opera-lover with dreams of building an opera house in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest. The most famous scene depicts Fitzcarraldo’s steamship being dragged up the side of a mountain in order to avoid a particularly dangerous stretch of river.

Robin Frohardt created this incredibly awesome short video, entitled Fitzcardboardaldo, depicting scenes from the movie using nothing but cardboard. It’s “an all cardboard Fitzcarraldo," and we think it’s an amazing piece of work. The obsessive amounts of time, effort, and love that must have gone into creating this video makes it a perfect tribute to Herzog and his film.

But wait, there’s more! The chaotic and impassioned creation of Fitzcarraldo was nearly as mad an undertaking as what transpires in the story itself. So much so that filmmaker Les Blank shot a fascinating documentary during the filming, entitled Burden of Dreams.

So we were delighted to discover that Robin Frohardt created a cardboard making-of video as well. It’s called The Corrugation of Dreams, and it’s a must-watch right after viewing Fitzcardboardaldo.

Well done Robin! The Geyser of Awesome salutes you and your team.