British photographer Nick Veasey uses X-ray imaging to create awesome photos like the ones seen here. Look closely at the chicken at the top of this post and you’ll see she’s about ready to lay an egg. From Nick’s Artist Statement:

"We live in a world obsessed with image. What we look like, what our clothes look like, houses, cars… I like to counter this obsession with superficial appearance by using X-rays to strip back the layers and show what it is like under the surface. Often the integral beauty adds intrigue to the familiar. We all make assumptions based on the external visual aspects of what surrounds us and we are attracted to people and forms that are aesthetically pleasing. I like to challenge this automatic way that we react to just physical appearance by highlighting the, often surprising, inner beauty."

For one of Nick’s most recent series, entitled Man and Machine, he uses x-ray images to depict people interacting with the machines we create.

"In the image above of passengers sitting on a bus, it’s interesting, if slightly morbid, to learn that everyone on the bus is actually the same person – and that person is a dead body, moved around and posed by a willing undertaker."

Now that we know Nick sometimes works with models who’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, it’s worth noting that, “when he’s working with live models, Veasey is cautious and limits himself to four X-rays of each male model and three of each female, to minimize their exposure to radiation.”

Head over to Nick Veasey’s website to view more of his fascinating artwork.

[via Photohab, Neatorama, and Tech Graffiti]