David Eger uses Clone Troopers and other Star Wars action figures to carefully recreate historical images and other well known scenes for an awesome ongoing photography series entitled Cloned Photos.

Clone Troopers kiss in Times Square recreating Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo, V-J Day in Times Square. One lone Clone Trooper takes the place of the unforgettable Tiananmen SquareTank Man”, while five of them recreate Joe Rosenthal’s equally well known image, Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. One Clone Trooper walks on the surface of the moon, while four well known Star Wars characters replace The Beatles famously crossing Abbey Road. And yes, that is a Clone Trooper riding a bicycle with Yoda in the basket to recreate an unforgettable moment from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. And yet we’ve barely scratched the surface of this entertaining series.

The Cloned Photos project was born while David was working on a 365 project entitled 365 Days of Clones, which also spawned nd has now continued with my 52 Weeks of Star Wars and 12 Months of Star Wars History series.

Visit David’s 365 Days of Clones website to view photos from all of his Star Wars-related series.

[via Free York]