When Tim Stellburg, a particularly geeky Minnesotan who also goes by the name Buggeye, had to have several troublesome cottonwood trees in his yard cut down, he asked that 9-10 feet of one of the trees be left standing so that he could later hire an artist to carve it into something awesome.

As soon as he figured out what he wanted, Tim hired Curtis Ingvoldstad of Wood Sculpture by Curtis to transform the stump into a magnificent Silver Dragon based on fantasy artist and illustrator Todd Lockwood’s creation for Dungeons & Dragons third edition (3.5).

“No matter how badly I mess up a Star Wars/Star Trek/whatever trivia quiz - Nobody can take away my geek card ever again.”

The process of sculpting the tree took place over 13 four hour sessions. Curtis painted the beast as well, but Tim painted the eyes himself. Click here for more photos of Buggeye’s awesome Silver Dragon.

Then click here to view more of Curtis Ingvoldstad’s on-site commissioned carvings.

[via Nerd Approved and Redditors Aboiement and Mozleron]