Last year Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark (previously featured here) exhibited more of her awesomely intricate and hypnotic multilayered paper artwork at a solo show entitled To the Power Of at the Martha Otero Gallery.

Jen uses little more than colourful stacks of construction paper, an X-Acto knife, glue, and hands that must be as steady as those of a surgeon to create dazzling pieces which feel like they might be portals to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland.

"Made out of painstakingly-cut layers of multicolored paper, the sculptures in the show are somewhere in between a psychedelic hallucination and a cosmic explosion. The calculated, mathematic regularity of the works gives them a metaphysical quality, almost as if we are observing phenomena usually impossible to comprehend with the naked human eye."

[via My Modern Metropolis and Hi-Fructose]

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