Meet the Pugs of Middle Earth. Phillip Lauer and his wife Sue are a Californian couple who love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films and their three pugs, Blue, Bono, and Roxy, so much that they’ve come up with an unusual and pretty awesome hobby. For the past six years they’ve been dressing up their dogs as characters from Tolkien’s epic fantasy stories and staging photographs that vary from formal studio portraiture to action photos shot in the country.

Phillips says, “They are the family photos that we put up on our walls just like other people do of their kids. Yes, it’s a lot of time and effort but we have a lot of great memories and photos to share. It puts a smile on our faces, too.”

The Lauers even had a photo studio custom built inside their home in Sonoma County, California so that they could create photos to a professional standard.

But wait, as if dressing up their pugs as J.R.R. Tolkien characters wasn’t fun enough, the Lauers have also dressed their cute little canine trio as lifeguards, rockstars, and pugs in Parka jackets. 

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