Churros are already awesomely delicious, so wonderfully fried and sweet, but Jasmine of Chica Chocolatina took churros to a whole new level by coming up with a receipe for Churro Waffles.

But wait, Jasmine didn’t stop there. The response to her Churro Waffles was so great that she took her kitchen wizardry one mouthwatering step farther. She combined the crispy cinnamon and sugar-coated goodness that is a churro with the warm, fruity heaven that is apple pie by creating, you guessed it, Churro Apple Pie Waffles.

If Jasmine hadn’t shared so many photos, we’d think this was all too good to be true. But that’s not all, she also shared her brilliant recipes.

Click here to learn how to make Churro Waffles and Churro Apple Pie Waffles. Breakfast just became even more awesome.

[via Laughing Squid and Neatorama]