We just recently featured a selection of awesome work by artist Oakland-based artist Jeremy Mayer, who disassembles old typewriters and transforms their parts into awesome works of sculptural art. But his latest pieces are so great we couldn’t bear to wait to share them with you.

Just like his previous pieces, these beautiful swallows were created by assembling typewriter parts:

"The pieces required Mayer to find multiple sets of identical parts adding a significant amount of time to sourcing materials, but as a happy accident the artist also discovered his design allowed for the wings to partially retract. If you’re unfamiliar with Mayer’s work it might surprise you to know that he doesn’t use solder or glue (or even objects that haven’t originated from a typewriter), but instead assembles everything using only native parts.”

Follow Jeremy’s future projects via his website or here on Tumblr.

[via Colossal]