Do you remember the short films that Mister Rogers or Sesame Street would play that showed us how different things were made? This video is just like one of those mesmerizing films. It’s completely fascinating, delightful, and also strangely soothing.

Entitled Glas, this short documentary film about glass production in the Netherlands was made by Bert Haanstra in 1958. With a wonderful score and absolutely no narration, it beautifully contrasts glassblowers at the Royal Leerdam glass factory handmaking beautiful pieces of crystal with mass production by automated bottle-making machines. In 1959 Glas won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

"The documentary is a perfect little ten minute vacation. The music complements it nicely, so be sure to keep the sound on."

And kudos to the glassblower who managed to ply his trade while smoking a pipe. Smoking is bad for you, but we’re still impressed by his suave multitasking.

[via io9]