Baker Wardlaw turned an old ski gondola into the largest gumball machine we’ve ever seen and filled it with super balls. Entitled Vending Machine, the piece was created for the Vernier Mountain Climbers Exhibition, presented by Design Miami Basel 2013.

Conceived and managed by Inès Flammarion, Nicolas Bernheim and Albert Schrurs, three young entrepreneurs from Geneva, the project saw a collection of vintage ski gondolas from Verbier, Switzerland re-imagined and transformed into new, unique objects by seven of Switzerland’s most recognized designers and artists, including Baker Wardlaw:

"After dismantling the original structure, he refinished the original materials, filled his new structure almost entirely with quintessential vending machine goodies, and added a dispenser to retrieve your toy. The gondola is an iconic piece of Swiss industrial design, and their 40-year history makes this re-purposed object a playful piece of retro art."

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