Tomorrow the Archie McPhee store is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Archie McPhee first opened in 1983 and, as you can see in this post, all sorts of awesome things have taken place in our different locations over the years. This week the Archie McPhee blog has been taking a look at the store’s history. Here at the Geyser of Awesome, we thought we’d take today to celebrate some other awesome things, moments, and people from the same year that Archie McPhee opened.

Get ready, it’s 1983 day on the Geyser of Awesome!


We’ve had numerous in-store product launch parties and celebrity signing events here at Archie McPhee over the years. Here you see photos of a few of our favorites:

The first photo is from an event in which employees who had modeled for Archie McPhee products appeared in person to autograph those very same products. From left to right: Shana was the wonderfully wicked model for our Little Devil Hood, Fuzz had his very own Fuzz Action Figure, and Fred was the model for My Pretty Nosehair.

2003 saw the release of action figures for not one, but two Seattle icons, both of whom had people filling the store to line up and meet them:

The second photo is from the day Nancy Pearl, Seattle librarian, author and literary critic, attended the release of the Librarian Action Figure. Celebrating librarians everywhere, this action figure was inspired by and modeled after Nancy and featured a push-button shushing action.

The third photo shows the unforgettable day Seattle’s legendary (and now sorely-missed) clown J.P. Patches and his longtime sidekick Bob Newman (seen here in character as Ketchikan the Animal Man) attended the launch of the J.P. Patches Action Figure. The two of them held court for hours greeting long-time fans, autographing action figures, and regaling the crowd with great stories from their many years spent entertaining children and adults alike. The store was overflowing with happy Patches Pals that day.

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