We hope you’re all on summer vacation or have plenty of paid time off saved up because we keep finding fantastic new destinations for Geyser of Awesome field trips, like this awesome Doctor Who-themed corn maze.

Located in northern England in the Yorkshire countryside and created from over 1.5 million corn plants, the York Maze (or Maize-Maze) is roughly 300 meters long and takes an average of 1.5 hours to solve. It’s thought to be the biggest corn maze in the world and it’s theme changes from year to year.

This year’s Doctor Who maze features a giant Dalek as well as images of the first and current Doctor. There appear to be some actual Daleks lurking in the maze itself, so be on your guard. We’re guessing there aren’t any Dalek-proof stairs to use as an escape route. There’s also a TARDIS in there somewhere, which might be how Colin Baker, the 6th incarnation of The Doctor, was able to drop in for a visit.

[via Nerd Approved]