Have you ever taken a slice of bread and smushed it into a dense little ball? There’s something strangely satisfying about doing it, but then what do you do with the bread ball? Making a sandwich out of them presents a bit of a challenge.

If you’re Oakland-based artist Milena Korolczuk, you use wadded slices of Wonder Bread to create impressively lifelike renderings of historical figures, artists, and pop culture icons. (Milena took these lovely photos of her sculptures too.) Pictured above are Plato, Walt Disney, Jay-Z, Andy Warhol, John Malkovich, Marina Abramović, and a teeny-tiny Stonehenge.

"According to Raster gallery the series was born from Korolczuk’s hands needing something to do while eating breakfast in the morning. Apparently eating wasn’t enough.”

Click here to view more of Milena Korolczuk’s wonderful carved bread heads.

[via Colossal]