Vinnie, who runs an Animal Crossing blog called It’s All About the Belljamins, tipped us off to this awesome work of Animal Crossing cosplay by aberrantkenosis, who reports, “My Brewster cosplay is coming along.”

It certainly is. aberrantkenosis used our Pigeon Mask to help create his wonderful Brewster costume. Brewster is a character from Nintendo’s ongoing series of Animal Crossing games:

"Brewster is a character who works in The Roost all hours of the day in the lower floor of the museum. He is a quiet, reserved pigeon with an interest in coffee. His name is a portmanteau of ‘rooster’ and ‘brew’.”

Between the anthropomorphism, that marvelous mustache, and his love of coffee, Brewster is a pigeon after our own hearts and a delightfully dapper work of cosplay.

Thank you Vinnie and bravo aberrantkenosis, the Geyser of Awesome salutes you! 

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