Have you ever seen a more melancholy pile of pasta? Entitled Le Solitaire, this surprisingly emotive sculpture of an enormous anthropomorphic heap of noodles slumped on a little chair is the work of French sculptor Theo Mercier. In 2010 it was exhibited at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris.

In reality, the surreal figure is nothing more than a pile of silicone coated cords. Using two large, blue eyes and an intentional body gesture, Mercier has created a sense of vulnerability, saying that this sculpture is “The one who is showed, who is watched, he is unique and alone because he is a monster. It tells a lot about the idea of exposure.”

We hope at least one brave person went up and gave this awesome sculpture a great big hug, because we sure want to. Sometimes even noodles need a little love and reassurance.

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[via My Modern Metropolis]