Paolo Ceric, aka Patakk, is a Croatian digital artist, based in the city of Zagreb, who creates awesome and astonishingly lifelike monochromatic images composed using a single spiraling line.

"The long, winding mark manages to simulate the appearance of lifelike figures through the expertly administered boldness and thickness of the line in any given spot. By diluting and condensing the saturation of the sole circling contour, the artist is able to mimic light and shadow, allowing it to reflect a sense of depth and realism.

Ceric is able to produce his deceptively realistic images through a set of digital effects. The seemingly hand-drawn illustrations are, in fact, computational renderings. The artist blurs and plays with the boundaries between real life and the digital world in his work. He has honed his skill to generate thought-provoking illusions.”

Not only do these beautiful black and white renderings appear surprisingly realistic, the line spiraling out from the center of each piece stirs the notion that each image was discovered by zooming in on someone’s actual fingerprint. It’s as though the Patakk is revealing his subject’s true identity as it was encoded within the lines on their fingertips.

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[via My Modern Metropolis]