"Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho!"

Today is a particularly awesome day because it’s Paul Reubens' birthday. Happy Birthday and don't forget to make a wish!

To help celebrate, here are some photos of an amazing Pee-wee’s Playhouse cake that was made last year by the very talented Julie Freund. It’s a banana cake that’s been iced with chocolate ganache and covered in a layer of fondant that was then airbrushed. The top of Jambi’s box is made of Rice Krispies treats covered in white chocolate and fondant. The side panels are made of sugar paste and Clockey, Pterri, Roger, and Chairy are all made of modeling chocolate. Chair’s insides are made of Rice Krispies treats too. Yum!

Visit Julie’s Facebook page and Cakes We Bake to check out more of her amazing cakes.

[Photos via Cakes We Bake]