For an ongoing series entitled Out of the Bowl, Cambria, California-based designer Thad Markham creates awesome sculptures depicting vibrantly-coloured pieces of anthropomorphic fruit that have snuck out of their bowls, bags, and crisper drawers to have a bit of fun. Some of them dance, wrestle or spar with each other, others mediate, and some simply lounge about holding hands.

"It all started with the bananas. One bright sunny morning he was sitting at breakfast and his glance fell on a bunch of bananas on the table. “That’s funny,” he said to himself, “it almost looks like they’re dancing.” Thus began his preoccupation with the secret lives of fruits and vegetables…he began haunting the produce department of the grocery store, his mind captivated with a single burning question… What do the fruits and vegetables do at night when no one is watching?"

Visit Thad Markham’s website to view more playful pieces from the Out of the Bowl series.

[via Sweet Station]