Give just about anyone five minutes on the internets and they’ll soon see that one of its primary functions is to deliver cat-related imagery as often and diversely as possible. 'Conceptual creative' and art director Matthew Serge Guy designed an awesome feline delivery system in the form of a website called the Catleidoscope. Its tagline is: “Let’s reflect on the famous cats of the internet.”

The Catleidoscope is an interactive website that uses photos of the internet’s most famous kitties, such as Maru, Tard the Grumpy Cat, Sam (the kitty with eyebrows), Lil Bub, and Keyboard Cat, arranged in a kaleidoscopic pattern that changes as you move your cursor. It’s more free psychedelic feline fun than was previously thought possible.

What are you waiting for? Click here to give it a whirl.

[via Design Taxi]