New York City-based painter Caleb Brown uses his artistic skills and creativity to depict awesome alternate realities in which giant otters Brown giant otters have overtaken the cities, monstrous insects roam the earth destroying buildings and interfering with traffic, and ferocious great white sharks wreak havoc on unsuspecting skydivers.

However, Caleb’s paintings aren’t just fanciful creations:

"My paintings are cultural allegories that aim to reflect my view of the modern world. My conceptual process begins by selecting themes and elements of contemporary life (such as media culture, genetic engineering, globalization, etc.) which seem important and interesting to me. I then combine and expand those components into completely ridiculous scenes that depict a fictitious near-future or alternate reality. I attempt to balance the utter implausibility of these scenes by painting them as convincingly as I can. I have, over time, developed these images into several reoccurring motifs that continue to describe more fully a world that reflects (and develops parallel to) the ‘real world.’"

Head over to Caleb Brown’s website to check out more of his fantastic paintings.

[via Faith is Torment]